Most visitors to America don’t think about traveling to the Windy City, but Chicago should move up your bucket list. This family-friendly city has everything for the entire family: beautiful buildings, lovely parks and trails, history, and culture, and so much more.

Located on Chicago’s Northwest Side, Logan Square may not be the first port of call when visiting the fabulous city of Chicago, but this leafy hip neighborhood is worth the visit for anyone wanting to get to the heart of authentic Chicago.

This Chicago trail takes you through residential Lincoln Park famous for the park it’s named after. It is perfect for those wanting to stay close to nature on a rainy day and get a bit of culture in, while cozying up indoors at lunch with a hamburger and beer.

There are parts of Lincoln Park that feel so removed from the city, you can forget you’re in Chicago completely. What’s more summertime in this lovely park, brims with activities and fun stops along the way.

Andersonville and Lincoln Square are just two of Chicago’s coolest residential neighborhoods. Andersonville is quickly becoming one of the North Side’s most popular neighborhoods, recognized for its distinctive flavor and diversity.

The Summer Loop Highlights trail is perfect for newcomers and oldtimers to Chicago, even if it’s not completely Summer yet. If you do make it for the summer, though, you’ll get to benefit from a great mix of what Chicago has to offer in the Loop!

We are excited to introduce you to Nancy Rahman, a Chicago mom of two and founder of “The Chic.”

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