A Day in the Life of a Saudi Arabia Mom

  Bonjour, I’m Florence Chabert d’Hieres, a Saudi Arabia mom! I’m a French national, an international adoptee from Sri Lanka, married to a Frenchman. I’m an intercultural [...]


Why You Should Take Your Kids to Las Vegas

We just spent an entire week in Las Vegas with our two young children. Las Vegas!? Yes! You would be surprised to learn there is an abundance of family-friendly activities in the city [...]


Hidden Gems: UNESCO Site in The Middle East

This week’s hidden gem is a 1930s military fortress located in the heart of the desert; what was once a late 18th-century trading town is now a capital city. There is plenty to explore at this [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Southeast London

I’m Hayley – mum to 2-year-old Elliott – and we live in south east London with my husband. Elliott was born here and I moved to London ten years ago, having grown up between the [...]


12 Kid-Friendly Historical Sites in Europe: Tips and Tricks

Do kid-friendly historical sites even exist? Yes they do! Having children does not mean you are doomed to a life of no travel, or boring package holidays (although all inclusive meals and kids [...]


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