A Grandparent’s Perspective on Traveling with Kids

Traveling with our grandchildren was a bold move, but I am happy to report that we survived to tell the tale. Traveling from New York to Paris every summer has been part of my DNA since I was [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Mystic, Connecticut

Meet Liz, a mom of two living in Mystic, Connecticut. Liz shows us a perfect family-friendly day in Mystic, where we discover her favorite shops, activities, and restaurants in the area. Hello [...]


Why Christmas in Tuscany Might be the Best Season of All

A Christmas trip to Tuscany would be wonderful for any family wanting to take advantage of the time off work or out of school or just has a bit of “wanderlust” over this Christmas season. This is [...]


How to Stay Healthy when Traveling Abroad with Baby

Traveling with your baby might be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life as a mom or dad. Creating new memories and experiencing new things in a different country with your little one [...]


Make Lasting Memories with Your Grandchildren

By Denise Long As a grandparent today, you are part parent, teacher, friend and playmate. One of the greatest benefits is being able to see the world through a child’s eyes again. The key to [...]


A Year Of Travel With Baby // Lessons Learned

One and a half years ago, when our daughter Lily was just about to turn one, my husband Brandon and I decided to do somethinga little crazy. We would take a year away from everything and travel [...]


Confession Time // Green Mama On The Go

I have a confession to make: I am going on a cruise. Did you know that cruises are even worse than planes? It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. Those ships burn fuel really, [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Maputo, Mozambique

Welcome! I’m Marianne and I’ve been living in Maputo, Mozambique with my 3.5 year old son and husband Andreas. We moved to Maputo from Sweden when Simon was 7 weeks old for my husband’s job. For [...]


Cristina from Mothers Abroad on Raising a Global Citizen

We are very fortunate to have come across our new member and founder of Mothers Abroad Cristina Pop. A truly international mother living and breathing our values of raising children as [...]


Slicks Giveaway: How to Pack for a 24-hour Trip with a Toddler

As I was preparing for a five-week trip around the US from Mozambique, I was particularly concerned about how I was going to manage the 24-hour door-to-door trip from Maputo to New York by myself [...]

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