Going on Safari with a Baby

Going on a safari with a baby is possible… and even fun, believe it or not! During our time in Mozambique, we had the opportunity to explore a lot of safari, game and national parks through [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Maputo, Mozambique

Welcome! I’m Marianne and I’ve been living in Maputo, Mozambique with my 3.5 year old son and husband Andreas. We moved to Maputo from Sweden when Simon was 7 weeks old for my husband’s job. For [...]


Hotel Review: Ibo Island Lodge, Mozambique

Bébé Voyage Rating – 8.5/10 If you are looking for a family-friendly adventure (way) off the beaten path, then Ibo Island Lodge is for you. Located on Ibo Island, Mozambique, the luxurious [...]


Slicks Giveaway: How to Pack for a 24-hour Trip with a Toddler

As I was preparing for a five-week trip around the US from Mozambique, I was particularly concerned about how I was going to manage the 24-hour door-to-door trip from Maputo to New York by myself [...]


bébé voyage’s 2015 Year in Review

It’s been a big year for bébé voyage! It all started off as an idea to write a travel book for parents traveling with babies. One thing lead to the next, and now we have a thriving [...]


Who Says Trekking Through Nepal With Little Ones Is Hard?

by Nicola Weir, a member of Club Bébé Voyage Sometimes life with kids is hard and travelling with them seems like more effort than it is worth. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you realise [...]


Five Things You Need to Consider When Picking a Holiday Destination For Your New Baby

So you had a baby. A cute, adorable, screaming baby. Congrats! You now have a baby, a human life, that is fully dependent on you. Feeling a bit stressed are we? Sounds like you, your partner, and [...]


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