Four Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully While Traveling

Getting your bundle of joy to sleep is hard enough when you’re on your home turf. But when you take your child on a plane or on the road, the problem is often made ten times worse. Sleep is [...]


9 Things You Need to Know When Visiting Iceland with Your Baby/Toddler

Years ago, we had some friends that mentioned that they wanted to go to Iceland. I had only been recently bitten by the travel bug and never would’ve thought to go to there. I mean, besides [...]


An Expert’s Guide On How To Handle Baby Jet Lag

Written by bébé voyage resident sleep expert, Aimi Palmer   We all know the word, we all relate it to sleep, but what really is jet lag and how can we reduce the symptoms affecting our [...]


Alex: On Getting Baby to Eat Everything and Handling Baby Jetlag in Paris

  Alex is one of our very first members to join Club Bebe Voyage and is one of our biggest fans — we love him too! On his recent trip to Paris, he struggled with getting his daughter [...]


Our Five Golden Rules For Handling Baby Jet-lag and Having an Awesome Vacation with Bébé in Tow

Your little bébé has only just started to sleep over three hours in a row at night, giving you what now seems like the best night of your life. You feel like a million bucks compared to the early [...]


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