Top Tips for a Family-Friendly Ski and Snowboard Holiday

Wondering if it’s possible to take your toddler on a ski holiday? Before children, my husband and I enjoyed an annual ski holiday (definitely a holiday and not a trip!). Since having our [...]


7 Tips For Traveling To Australia With Your Kids

Traveling to the awe-inspiring “Land Down Under” with kids may seem like a daunting experience. The long-haul flight, change in temperature, and the unfamiliarity of Australia can all [...]


Travel Checklist for a Breastfeeding Mama and Her Little One

Here at Bebe Voyage, we recently had the chance to chat about a travel checklist with Vernica Horner, founder of Maia Moda, a stylish line of nursing wear for the momma on the go.  Check out [...]


How to Stay Healthy when Traveling Abroad with Baby

Traveling with your baby might be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life as a mom or dad. Creating new memories and experiencing new things in a different country with your little one [...]


5 Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Montenegro

Many travellers have Croatia, Slovenia and Greece on their travel bucket lists. But Bosnia and Montenegro have much to offer for visiting families as well.   Here are Five Reasons you should [...]


7 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Traveling to Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina

Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina may not hit as high as Croatia or Greece on the average traveller’s Balkan bucket list, but they should. These are the seven things we wish we’d known before [...]


The A to Z of Family Travel Hacking

We have all heard about the families who travel around the world and claim that their entire 2 week trip to Asia has cost them less than your weekly grocery shopping run. And you, like me, [...]


5 Essential things to know when visiting Peru with a baby

For many parents Peru is not one of the first countries they think of when planning a holiday, but it is on their bucket list. The most frequent reservation is that it is one of the destination [...]


10 tips for travelling with a child with food allergies

What is the Thai word for peanut? Can I fly with my child’s meds? How do I minimize the risk of an allergic reaction while on a flight? These are just some of the daunting questions that parents [...]


Adventures of a globetrotting mom and daughter

Hands up if you have day dreamed about leaving your 9-to-5 lifestyle behind and hitting the road! Reading through the questions on the BebeVoyage group, we know that many of you dream about an [...]

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