Ten Fun Ways to To Remember Your Trip

Ten Fun Ways to To Remember Your Trip

by Orley Granot

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This post contains affiliate links. 

If you’re like me you’re always looking for fun ways to remind the whole family of all the places you’ve been. I love taking trips but talking about them can be just as much fun. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to remember where you’ve been to satisfy your wanderlust at home.

Travel Tracker Map

The Landmass Travel Tracker Map is a wonderful way to remember all the places you’ve visited. These scratch-off maps come in a variety of styles and also feature scratch-off flags. We love the quality of the Landmass Travel Tracker Map. It is durable and looks nice when scratched off.

Mini Cork Globe

The L&C Traveler Mini Cork Globe is a fun way to display your travels. Stick pins in this soft globe to show off your travels. We love that you can use different colored pins to denote different trips or different members of the family. It can sit anywhere which makes it more versatile than other options. The L&C Traveler Mini Cork Globe comes in several different styles from ‘color your own’ to black, so you’re sure to find one you like.

Coloring Maps

If you are a fan of adult coloring you will love these coloring maps. Anna Grunduls Design has come up with these adorable maps you color in to show where you’ve traveled. Instead of just coloring in the country or state though you color in a pattern leading to a unique map of your travels. My personal favorite is the Large Bubbles USA map. We love how crafty and unique these maps are.

Free Printable Map

Add your favorite trip routes to this free editable and printable map from the Some Of The Best Things In Life Blog. Display each route in a separate frame or make one large map showing your journeys to display in your house. You can continue to edit it as you travel since it’s so easy to use.

50 States Photo Map

Want to remember a trip you took to the US or keep track of the U.S. States you have visited ? The 50 States Photo Map from Thunder Bunny Labs is the perfect way to capture those memories. Pick your favorite photo from your visit and slip it into this photo map.

Destination Photo Collage

Treasure on the Wall takes your photos and creates a collage poster in the shape of a state, country, continent or even skyline. They have so many great options or you can request a custom design. You can also opt to have it framed or add text. The collection of countries collage would make the perfect multi-country trip souvenir.

Travel Journals

Travel Journals could probably be their whole own post but we have a few we just love.

The I Was Here: Travel Journal for the Curious Minded is well illustrated and provides wonderful little prompts. Use it as you plan your trip and then bring it along to capture your thoughts on daily activities.

My Travel Journal from Lonely Planet Kids is another great option. We tried this one out with our five year old and while it was a bit advanced for him on his own it was perfect to do together.

If you’re planning a big trip to a specific place we love the Wanderlust Diary. Each travel journal has specific questions for your destination. I’m already using my Japan diary to prepare for our move.


I’m a big fan of photo books to remember our trips. The kids love looking through them and it’s a wonderful way to preserve everything from photos to ticket stubs (just take photos of them) in one place. Problem is I don’t always have time to get the book done myself.  Shutterfly now offers a “Make My Book” Service ($9.99) where they will make the photo book for you. I gave this service a try and was happy with the results. It wasn’t as personal as if I had done it all myself, but it was done and my kids don’t know the difference when they are looking at the photo book.

If you’ve never tried Shutterfly before you can use our link for a free photo book.

Custom Photo Products 

If you’re looking to get more creative with the pictures you snap, check out GoodPrints.com, where you can create personalized photo products like wood and metal prints, photo blankets and pillows, tote bags and custom drinkware, and holiday ornaments and much more. What I love about this new company is that they donate 20% of their profits to charities supporting struggling children. So you can feel good that your money is going to the right place. By the way, if you have a really great cause you want to suggest to them, they are looking for creative ways to give back, so let us know.

Make Your Own Gear

Sites like Zazzle allow you to make and print your own gear. Use photos, your kids’ drawings or even just create a logo for your trip and print it on bags, shirts or luggage tags for a great memory of your trip.

Not up for designing your own? Many of Zazzle’s products, like this Road Trip Tee, can be edited with your family’s name.

Have a little artist? Have your child draw their favorite memory from the trip and print it on a tote bag, t-shirt or keychain.

Document Your Trip In A Book

You can use an online travel diary app to chronicle your trip. Recored your memories digitally during your trip and have it printed into a book when you return home.

If this all seems like too much grab a One Line A Day book and jot down a one line memory from each day of the trip. Then you’ll be able to look back on the highlights of your trip.

If your child likes to make their own books check out my storybook or story jumper that provide tools so you can create your own storybook based on your trip.

Our Day In The Life Editor, Jules, has more great DIY ideas for capturing these memories on her blog, Shades of Courage.

We would also love to hear and see your ideas. Comment here or share your photos with us on Instagram

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