The Traveling Baby’s Letter to Santa — Lightweight Gifts You and Your Baby Will Love


Dear Santa,


I still don’t really know you, but Mama and Papa told me to write you a letter to tell you what I want for Christmas. They also told me to tell you that I’d been a good baby this year. I’ve been on many flights with them and met so many different people who were very nice to me.


The flights were sometimes very long and I think Mama thought so too. But Mama told me I was a very good traveler and that I even slept on some of the flights. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found airplanes most fascinating. The tray tables, the security pamphlets, and plastic cups are fun to play with, not to mention the long aisles I love running up and down.


This year, we are spending Christmas overseas with my grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. I know I’ve met them before. Sometimes I see them in pictures and sometimes I see them on my Papa’s magic phone. Anyway, Mama told me to tell you that my presents this year should be light so we can easily pack them in the suitcase.


I’ve discussed it with my fellow traveling baby friends and we came up with what we think would make great gifts for us traveling babies this year. I hope this helps!


  • I’m still learning so much and building memories, so an experiential present would be great, here are some ideas:
    • An annual membership to our local zoo/children museums.
    • Tickets to a children’s theater/play/show.



  • I’m loving my little books and getting to know the different characters. Some of my friends are subscribed to children’s magazines that they love. Here are some ideas:


  • I’m getting pretty messy during mealtime these days. Some fun bibs might keep me clean!


  • Speaking of being messy, I’m even messier on the plane! I recently found out about this type of spoon called Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, which might make Mama a little less stressed out when I make such a huge mess!


  • I also have a bunch of ideas of toys that travel well and might even keep me busy on the plane ride back!
    • A kaleidoscope
    • A lightweight book, but make sure it has lots of fun things for me to do, like flaps, and things to touch, and maybe even some songs!
    • A puzzle. Well this might not be great for a plane, but it does travel well in Mama and Papa’s suitcase!
    • Finger puppets
    • Flashcards
    • Travel Etch A sketch
    • Tiny toy cars, trains, and planes
    • Inflatable toys – also not great for the plane ride, but these are great for the suitcase.


  • I also really love the photo book that Mama made for me for my first year, maybe you can get creative and make me a new one using Shutterfly?


  • A lot of my friends have been saying they’d like a carry on luggage just for them!




  • As you know, I’m always growing, so I could always use new clothes. Here are some brands from around the world some of my friends like:
    • France: Petit Bateau, Jacadi, Cyrillus, Tartine et Chocolat, Bout’Chou, Frangin Frangine, VertbaudetArsène et les pipelettes
    • UK: Marks and Spencer’s, John Lewis, Next and Jojo Maman Bebe, Trotters, River Island, Mamas and Papas
    • Italy: Minimu
    • Japan: Uniqlo
    • Australia: Cotton On, Bonds, Plum Clothing
    • Finland: Tutta and Marimekko
    • Sweden: Polarn O Pyret, H&M
    • Singapore: Chateau de Sable
    • Netherlands: HEMA and Lief
    • Spain: Gocco, Condor, Zara, Mayoral, Garvalin, Charanga, Camper
    • USA: Hannah Andersson, Patagonia (for winter), Mini Rodini, Osh Kosh b’Gosh, Janie and Jack, Zutano, Tea Collection 
    • Argentina: Little Akiabara, Mimo, Cheeky
    • South Africa: Earth Child


  • And Santa, if you don’t like any of these ideas, maybe you can just deliver my presents at my house and I’ll get them when I come home. Some of my friends are starting a wishlist on Amazon, which will give you some good ideas!


I hope this letter leaves you with some good ideas for the traveling baby!


With love,


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