Toddler Road Trip Music that Parents Enjoy Too


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It’s the season of heading “Over the River and Through the Woods.” We know long drives with kids can be hard. Recently a mom on Bébé Voyage asked the group for help putting together a playlist for an upcoming road trip. She wanted songs her toddler would like that she could enjoy as well. It was something everyone could relate to. You want to keep your little ones happy and entertained and get where you are going without making yourself crazy.

The answers from the group were so amazing we wanted to put them together into a list to help you prep for your next road trip.

Looking for something a bit easier than putting together your own play list? Here are a few playlists that make finding great music easy.

Bébé Voyage cofounder, Marianne, reminded us that “there is plenty of ‘adult’ music that kids enjoy. Just listen to what you like, and see what your kid latches on to. No need to have your music preferences hijacked by the Wheels on the Bus.”

And if you need further inspiration read our article on entertaining little ones on the go.


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