Bébé Voyage Trails

Tours you can do with a baby in a day

Bébé Voyage Trails are geo-tagged, image-rich trails in cities around the world that you can realistically do with your family in a day. We bring to you the insights and information of other traveling families who are just like you!

Experience a city like a local family

Bébé Voyage Trails are co-created geo-tagged, image-rich trails in cities around the world that you can realistically do with your family in a day.  Traveling to a city with your baby and wondering how you can spend a nice day out without having to do too much research? Follow one of these families friendly trails created for you by another parent just like you! Whether you are traveling to a new city or are simply looking for a new adventure in your home city, let a fellow parent show you around!

Bébé Voyage Trails

Here at Bébé Voyage we have spent the last three years thinking about how we can take the incredible wealth of knowledge shared in Club Bébé Voyage to the next level. How can we connect with our audience in a way that the Facebook platform cannot offer? How could we take things to the next level?

In partnership with Crumbdrop, a tech platform that allows us to co-create geo-tagged, image-rich trails in cities around the world, Bébé Voyage is excited to bring to you family-friendly trails you realistically do in a day.  We are launching a new way for curious adventurous families to travel with their babies starting with 18 trails across Chicago, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Stockholm, and Reykjavik.

Why do we think you’ll like this new feature? So many of the questions that come up in Club Bébé Voyage revolve around how families can realistically plan a day in a foreign city. Our trails do just that — they give you one day in a city created by a local parent spelling out everything you need to know.

Created by Bébé Voyage ambassadors, moms and dads who like to explore and share their travel hacks, these trails offer a fresh local perspective on a city. You’ll actually feel like our ambassadors are walking you around their city offering their insider tips and showing off their favorite places.

baby in front of taipei 101 skyscraper
Traveling mom Christine Banting's baby at the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taipei, Taiwan.At 101 stories, it’s the tallest and largest green (energy and environmentally conscious) bldg in the world, says Christine.
mom and baby in amsterdam
Tavia from Big Brave Nomad and her baby in Amsterdam

Our trails will not only give you concrete family-friendly ideas, but they will also tell you how to plan your day to the T. Choose a trail by an ambassador who shares your interests, and go explore!

We made extra sure to keep everything a traveling parent might worry about in mind to take the mental charge off your shoulders.

Before heading out on the trail, you’ll know whether the trail is stroller-friendly, what your budget should be, whether you will need to reserve, a sense of timing, what weather to take it on, and anything else you might need to know ahead of time.

Not traveling anytime soon? Perhaps what’s most exciting about these trails is that they can inject a sense of adventure even in your own cities. If you’re stuck wondering what to do with your kids on a Saturday, check out a trail in your own city — if you happen to live in one of them! You’ll end up discovering things you didn’t know about your own home! These trails are truly meant for any parent who likes to explore and uncover family-friendly hidden gems.


  • Gain insider knowledge about different places and activities
  • Start or stop a trail anytime you like
  • Easily find locations as they are all mapped out
  • Know exactly what you need to bring with you on each trail
  • Recognize places thanks to the photos

Cities With Great Trails for You and The Kids


A vibrant modern city steeped in rich history, London is a metropolis like no other. With gorgeous parks, historical monuments, and charming neighborhoods, you’ll love to visit London with family.


With its unparalleled cultural and restaurant scene, cosmopolitan travelers have been flocking to Paris for years. And bébé voyageurs will find here playgrounds and carrousels, not to mention great kids activities.


Most visitors to America don’t think about traveling to the Windy City, but Chicago is a family-friendly city has everything for the entire family: beautiful buildings, lovely parks and trails, history, and culture, and so much more.


Futuristic infrastructure combined with centuries-old culture and dotted with neighborhood parks make Tokyo a fascinating place to travel with children. This city will never cease to surprise you and your little one.


Warm weather year round, accessibility to the ocean and the casual Aussie attitude make Sydney a favorite family destination. The city is totally adapted to being baby and parent-friendly.


Reykjavik is one of the greenest, and therefore most beautiful cities in the world, and Iceland is by far one of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever encounter. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature as a family.


Stroller accessible infrastructure, proximity to nature and a hip urban vibe make Stockholm a great place for a family vacation. Home of the world’s most generous parental leave means lots of perks for little ones.

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