Baby Jet Lag

Expert Advice About Baby Jet Lag

Any family planning a long-distance trip will have concerns about how the time difference will affect their child(ren). After an exhausting day (or two) of travel, everyone will be tired, but the youngest members of your family won’t understand the dramatic change to their daily schedule. The difficulty of helping little ones adjust to new nap times, and bed times, keeps many families from attempting trips that span multiple time zones.

Baby jet leg is a challenge. Luckily, Bébé Voyage offers collected expert and community-sourced advice, all in one place, to help keep you (and your kids) happy and well-rested while traveling. There are tried-and-true methods to help your little one adjust to the new time zone, recover from jet lag, and feel better once you return home.

Learn How to Handle Jet Lag in Babies

Help Your Toddler Recover From A Long Trip

One of the most frequent questions that comes up in Club Bébé Voyage comes from parents concerned about handling baby jet lag. Whether flying across one time zone or many, parents want to keep their little ones on a reasonable sleep schedule and avoid meltdowns from exhaustion. When parents put a lot of hard work into helping their child sleep through the night at home, the risk of perturbing that schedule will deter them from traveling long distances. But there are plenty of parents who have successfully dealt with baby jet lag. Find out how from our roundup of expert and community-sourced sleep advice!

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