Big Adventures with Little Ones

Bébé Voyage is here to dismantle the myth that once you have a baby, you have to give up on a travel. Not only do we want you to keep on traveling (or take up traveling) once you have a baby, but we want to show you that you can even go on those big adventures with a baby. Whether you’ve dreamed of hiking in Nepal, going on safari or discovering Patagonia, don’t let having a baby stop you from your great adventure. Learn from other globetrotting parents about how they have traveled to exotic places with little ones in tow!

Let the Experts Give You Tips on Having Big Adventures with Your Baby

Don’t Let Having a Baby Keep You From Traveling!

In every part of the world where there are human beings with children (except for maybe Antarctica), and the people there know how take care of them! If there are already children there, why shouldn’t we bring our own? Obviously, we take health precautions and do our research–Club Bébé Voyage is an amazing resource for that!–but why not?

What Bébé Voyage cofounder, Marianne, found in Mozambique is that South Africans have built up a good tourist infrastructure. They take family vacations around the region, including endless Mozambican beaches and safari parks throughout South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. While hiking in Lesotho, she was pleasantly surprised to find other local tourists with young children staying at their lodge. Similarly, when wine-tasting in South Africa and in Argentina, the vineyards gave a warm welcome to children. One vineyard she went to in Argentina had a kids’ menu at their restaurant, and a treasure box with games and stories about the vineyard geared towards kids. In France, when her family stayed on a vineyard, her then-3 year old even got to ride in the tractor with the estate owner… whose family has been producing wines on that land for over 500 years! In Patagonia, Marianne traveled with her parents, who basically had the same schedule as her then-4 year old son. So if retirees can embark on a trip, why can’t a small child? They did everything from low-key hikes, to visiting a penguin colony, to glacier viewing. And when Marianne and her husband wanted to go on a more rugged hike, they left their son with his grandparents.

Traveling with a baby hasn’t stopped Marianne or other Club Bébé Voyage members from going on big adventures or going off the beaten path. Trekking in Nepal is actually quite doable with small kids because sherpas can carry them when they get tired! Scuba diving with a baby? Not a problem! It just requires a little bit of organizing: either the parents have to take turns or they have to find someone else to watch their child like a skipper or a grandparent or a resort babysitter. Skiing with little ones? Easy, as long as you find a ski resort that either has a daycare or a ski school… and there are many! So don’t be deterred by traveling with a baby!

Photo credit: Ash Eames of @eamesfamilyadventures

Ash Eames @eamesfamilyadventures

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