Entertaining a Baby on Board

One of the biggest fears that parents have about traveling with a baby is how to keep the child happy in a small, confined space with lots of people around.

Fortunately, there are plenty of parents in the Bébé Voyage community who have been down this road before, and who are willing to share their experiences and favorite tips for keeping kids happily entertained during hours of travel.

Whether you are flying with a newborn or taking a train with a 4-year old, whether you prefer screen-free entertainment or want to travel lightly with only a mobile device, we’ve got you covered.

Let the Experts Give You Tips on How to Entertain Your Baby on Board

How to Survive a Flight with a Baby

We’ve all been on flights with screaming babies. In our pre-baby days we probably thought, “Can’t that parent just do something to get the baby to stop crying?” Now that we’re the ones with the baby, we don’t want death stares from other passengers because our crying baby is preventing them sleeping.

This is enough to deter most parents from flying with a baby, but for the Bébé Voyage tribe, not traveling is not an option. So aside from making sure that you and your baby are healthy and calm during your travels, Bébé Voyage has compiled for you the wisdom of our members on how to keep your child on a plane entertained, or at the very least distracted, with minimal disturbance to other passengers.

We have compiled for you the ultimate list of travel toys with our community’s recommendations for newborns through 5 year olds. These range from arts and crafts activities, to pedagogical toys, to books. There are even games that you can play with things you find on the plane or have around your house. This is one of our most popular posts on the website.

For those of you who don’t mind putting your kids in front of screens, we’ve also compiled a list of apps and device accessories that are appropriate for small children. Additionally, we’ve included kits which pull together fun activities for traveling tots.

The general advice from the Club is that you know your child best. If your toddler loves to draw, stock up on the art supplies mentioned below. If your baby is into chewing on things, then look for a variety of textures and new novel things for them to put in their mouth.

You’ve done all your research and planned the perfect itinerary, but now you have to get there. Maybe you’re boarding a flight or hopping in the car. Either way, you need to keep your bébé entertained. You’re not alone if you are looking for the best ways to keep kids occupied while traveling. Bébé Voyage members are always asking for advice on how to keep the little ones entertained while on the go.

Luckily for you we’ve done the research for you. We turned to our group of over 18,000 traveling parents to help you prepare for your next trip. (We even lined up a few discount codes for you!)

Whatever you choose to keep your baby entertained on the plane, train or boat, don’t forget to add it to your packing list! And if you come across more innovative entertainment options, with or without a mobile device, we’d love to hear them! You can post in Club Bébé Voyage or send us an email with your recommendations. As always, we only share tips and suggestions that have been tried and tested by other traveling families in order to bring you the most adapted and relevant solutions for flying with a baby.

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