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Few words can induce more panic than “flying with a baby”. Just the idea of flying with a wailing toddler is enough to deter many parents from traveling with their little ones. But we find ourselves having to travel for work, for family, and for fun, and we have to figure out how to fly with a baby. Luckily, thousands of Club Bébé Voyage members have successfully achieved this, and are willing to share their experiences and tips for flying with a baby.

Let the Experts Give You Tips on Flying with a Baby

Avoid Temper Tantrums While Flying

Club Bébé Voyage members have done everything from flying with a newborn to flying with a toddler with medical complications. They have survived. Because they know how tough it is, they are more than willing to offer solutions, from choosing airplane car seats to solving the airplane bassinet conundrum.

One thing members love sharing is the discoveries they make in airports that actually make them want to fly baby all around the world.

We’ve all been on flights with crying babies. In our pre-baby days we probably thought, “Can’t that parent just do something to get the baby to stop crying?” Now that we’re the ones with the baby, we don’t want to be the parent getting glares from other passengers who can’t sleep!

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