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Planning a Trip with a Baby

Planning a trip with a baby can be overwhelming. From figuring out at what age a baby can travel, to the best destinations for a vacation with a baby, to what gear is needed, it can all seem overwhelming. Luckily, Club Bébé Voyage members have traveled around the world with their kids, and are generous enough to report back their best tips for planning a trip with a baby. From how to find the best family accommodations to top tips for international travel with a baby, we have you covered.

Get expert advice on planning a trip with a baby

Avoid the worst mistakes when planning a family vacation

The thought of the worst case scenarios often stop parents dead in their tracks before even considering a trip with a baby. While certainly any number of things can go wrong, a little research and preparation can put even the most anxious mom at ease. Millions of families travel with babies, toddlers and young children every year… and survive!

Here at Bébé Voyage, we strongly believe that travel doesn’t have to stop once kids come into the picture, so we bring you the best trip planning advice from our community of globetrotting parents. They have figured out everything from how to find a babysitter abroad to what to consider when planning a family holiday. Our members share their insights and their biggest mistakes to spare you the stresses they went through. 

Whether you’re trying to figure out if you should drive vs. fly, or if you want to see firsthand how real families have planned their trips, Bébé Voyage has you covered. Don’t let the overwhelm or anxiety get to you. A little preparation, research and support goes a long way in terms of planning the perfect family trip… or at least as perfect as it can be! The first time is always the hardest, but the more you travel with your little one, the easier it gets! That’s why so many Bébé Voyage members continue traveling with their babies in tow!

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