Staying Zen While Traveling with a Baby

In order to bring you the best advice on how to stay zen while traveling with a baby, Bébé Voyage teams up with Dr. Steve Silvestro, pediatrician, dad, and host of the Child Repair Guide podcast. Having a child is very stressful, as is traveling. Combine both, and just about anyone would be overwhelmed. Fortunately many parents have traveled with babies, and share their favorite tips for staying calm and focused while on the go. Additionally Dr. Steve shares what he teaches in his Mindfulness For Parents course with the Bébé Voyage community.

Let the experts help you stay zen while traveling with young kids

More Tips for Staying Zen while Traveling with Children

Dr. Steve suggests that the key to staying zen while traveling with a baby is balancing preparation and letting go. Preparation includes everything from trip planning and budgeting to implementing good habits at home, whether it is a mindfulness practice or a healthy lifestyle.

Letting go, on the other hand, has to do with knowing when to ease up on your preparations and focus instead on connecting with your family, yourself and your experience. While neither of these is particularly easy, there are multiple techniques that we’ve shared in the blog posts above. And like most things, with practice, the easier it will get.

Does all this sound a bit complicated? We’ve teamed up with Dr. Steve to get you $25 off his Mindfulness For Parents online course. Just use code VOYAGE at checkout!

Bébé Voyage has pulled together a handy and very comprehensive packing lists to help you in your planning and preparation stages. And of course, don’t forget to check out our destination, gear and advice resources to help you get ready for your trip.

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