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The one constant of having a baby is change. Those who have already experienced the miracle of parenthood warn you about the impending changes to your “oh-so-chic-and-carefree” lifestyle. Once your little bundle of joy arrives, you realize they weren’t exaggerating. Change is the only constant in your life.

But Bébé Voyage founders, Juliet Perrachon and Marianne Perez de Fransius did not believe that motherhood meant the end of their travel-centric lifestyle. Instead, they felt that they could and should embrace their old passion and pass it on to their own children. As global citizens, both Marianne and Juliet have lived all over the world. Their families and friends are spread worldwide and traveling is not just a luxury in their life, but a necessity.

As the two co-founders made their way through the first steps of parenthood, they realized they were not alone. There is a world of new parents having similar experiences, and looking for similar information. What started as a book concept for Marianne and Juliet (whose connection has spanned generations and continents), evolved into Bébé Voyage.

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Bébé Voyage's Goal: Connect Globetrotting Parents!​​

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Bébé Voyage has grown into a community that connects parents traveling with children; trading resources, tips and (mis) adventures to ease and enrich their family travel experiences. But Bébé Voyage’s purpose is much larger than that: Empowering children to be curious, open-minded, global citizens and lifelong travelers by exposing them to new cultures and experiences to build a better, more peaceful world for all.


Bébé Voyage's Core Values​

As parents, we understand that travel can be stressful and frustrating. By building a community where globetrotting parents can share and support each other through their travel experiences, we promote sophisticated, family-friendly experiences within the travel industry.

- Bon voyage, dear friends!
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To find out about others and where they live. To ask rather than assume.



Acknowledging the hard parts of traveling with a baby.

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Because getting to know those who are different from us is our best shot at world peace!



We love to share, exchange and get information from a diverse group of people with shared values.

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Because exploring the world and babies should be fun! Let’s reconnect with that!

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Juliet Perrachon

Co-founder | President
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Marianne Perez de Fransius

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Lucie Leblois

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Amy Orzel

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Alix Perrachon

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