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Bébé Voyage is a community of globetrotting parents providing collectively sourced, local knowledge and practical advice on traveling with your baby. 

Bébé Voyage’s mission is to build a community where globetrotting parents can share and support each other through their travel experiences, while promoting authentic, family-friendly experiences within the travel industry.

Our target audience is parents and expecting parents of 0- to 5-year olds who travel for work, family, adventure and life circumstances.

Initially, we wrote all the articles ourselves. After sharing a few readers’ stories and guest posts, we realized just how much we can all benefit from shared wisdom and diverse voices.


What We Look for in the Articles We Publish

There are THREE essential things we look for in every article we publish:
  • A powerfully written personal anecdote that connects with the reader, moves them and engages them in your article
  • A lesson or take-away based on your experience that helps them walk away with new ideas, perspectives and excitement to try something new in their own lives
  • Content that aligns with Bébé Voyage’s values
Additionally, the article MUST
  • be written in web-format (well-organized; skimmable; short paragraphs; lists and bullets)
  • be original and not published anywhere else
  • be in the 800 – 2,000 words range
  • include at least one high resolution photo that is relevant to the article (and that you have rights to or is open source).

Please read before submitting your story

By submitting the article you agree that if your article is published, Bébé Voyage will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future, of course with due credit to you. If you’re not familiar with the blog, please spend some time reading a few of our articles to get a feel for it first. ​
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The Topics We Are Looking For

Traveling with a young children (e.g. lessons learned from a trip, handling a particular situation, keeping the spirit of travel when at home).

Articles that discuss innovative travel gear, inspiring travel stories and/or advice.

Articles that focus on favorite kid-friendly destinations or accommodation reviews. 

We feature parents around the world in our regular series called “A Day in the Life.”

We publish well-curated lists that are interesting to traveling parents – for example: favorite travel gear, best books/movies to inspire a love of travel, best parenting books for traveling families, etc.

Before You Submit Your Article

In order to save yourself and us some time: Please contact the Bébé Voyage Editor with 3-5 story ideas. This can be as simple as a potential headline/ title and a sentence or two expanding on the concept. If you’re interested in writing a review, “Day in the Life” or a review, please ask us to send you the template.

How To Submit Your Story​

Once your article is ready for submission, please let the editor know and she will send you the links to create a contributor profile and submit your article and photos. ​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We get a LOT of emails. If you’ve followed all the guidelines above, but still haven’t heard back from us after 3 weeks, please do send a reminder. We will try to get back to you asap.

The articles that resonate with our community are the ones where you personally relate to the topic and connect more authentically and genuinely with the readers.

Think of it… you are a parent too. Which one of these would you rather read?

  • A preachy list of clichéd tips
  • OR, a real-life account of what another parent actually did in a very similar situation, their thought process, what they found while researching the topic, the obstacles they came up against and how they triumphed.

Keep it real, conversational, motivational, and practical.

You are welcome to, but we will likely space out your submissions so they don’t come out back to back.

You may include links to your website and social media accounts in your profile. Please also include any relevant links in your article, but we will replace all affiliate links with our own.

We reserve the right to edit and proofread the article to keep it in line with the Bébé Voyage style. We also reserve the right to add or edit hyperlinks, including to our affiliate partners, to the extent that they enhance the reader’s experience.

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