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Bébé Voyage is a community of globetrotting parents providing collectively-sourced, local knowledge and practical advice on traveling with a baby. We bring to you the insights and information of other traveling families who are just like you!

Discovering a new city with your family doesn’t need to be stressful. Let us be your guides.

With a community of over 10,000 members around the world, Bébé Voyage has a collection of co-created travel guides, featured hidden gems spotted by our members, “day in the life” articles, family-friendly trails created by our ambassadors and posts by family travel bloggers, and much more.


Tailored to traveling with a baby and toddlers.


Tours you can actually do in a day with young kids.


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A vibrant modern city steeped in rich history, London is a metropolis like no other. With gorgeous parks, historical monuments, and charming neighborhoods, you’ll love to visit London with family.


With its unparalleled cultural and restaurant scene, cosmopolitan travelers have been flocking to Paris for years. And bébé voyageurs will find here playgrounds and carrousels, not to mention great kids activities.


Most visitors to America don’t think about traveling to the Windy City, but Chicago is a family-friendly city has everything for the entire family: beautiful buildings, lovely parks and trails, history, and culture, and so much more.


Futuristic infrastructure combined with centuries-old culture and dotted with neighborhood parks make Tokyo a fascinating place to travel with children. This city will never cease to surprise you and your little one.


Warm weather year round, accessibility to the ocean and the casual Aussie attitude make Sydney a favorite family destination. The city is totally adapted to being baby and parent-friendly.


Stroller accessible infrastructure, proximity to nature and a hip urban vibe make Stockholm a great place for a family vacation. Home of the world’s most generous parental leave means lots of perks for little ones.


Reykjavik is one of the greenest, and therefore most beautiful cities in the world, and Iceland is by far one of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever encounter. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature as a family.

Southern Africa

Take your family on an adventure in Southern Africa’s safari parks, gorgeous beaches and cosmopolitan cities. Families always receive a warm welcome, making it a great place to travel with your baby.


California might just be the perfect mix of relaxation and fun you’ve been looking for. The Mediterranean style climate, the laid back vibe, the golden beaches, & family friendly activities make California great almost any time of the year.

The Middle East

The Middle East is a great family destination for both adults and children alike. Beaches, parks, museums, UNESCO sites, amusement parks and year round festivals make this a great choice for your next trip!

Latin America

With its generally friendly kid and baby friendly cultures and diverse array of experiences, Latin America has a lot to offer traveling families. From the beaches of Cozumel to the peaks of Machu Picchu to Argentine vineyards, there is something for everyone!

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a diverse exotic and stunning region the entire family will love. From ancient cultures to exciting flavors, it is truly a place to expand your and your baby’s horizons.

The Netherlands

With picturesque towns, hundreds of miles of cycle paths and white sandy beaches, The Netherlands has much to offer as a family destination.

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Bébé Voyage Travel Destinations

Bébé Voyage is a community of parents providing collectively-sourced, local knowledge and practical advice on traveling with your baby. Thanks to our community of over 10,000 parents around the world, Club Bébé Voyage, we can aggregate information which a single travel blogger or even a small guidebook team wouldn’t be able to do. Our community board is a gold mine of travel information on how to travel with a baby.

For the destinations listed above, we have collected tips and tricks from our members. For some destinations, we have a whole gamut of content including a travel guide, Bébé Voyage Trails, hidden gems, a day-in-the-life articles, hotel reviews, posts by travel bloggers and/or community members and more. Sometimes we only have a post or two, but we are continuously adding new content to the site as your community grows.


The Bébé Voyage travel guides are edited by the Bébé Voyage Team, but most of the information is collected from Club Bébé Voyage members. This gives us the ability to cross-check and update information. In our guides we only include information that has been vetted and earns the Bébé Voyage seal of approval.

As well as our travel guides, we’ve developed Bébé Voyage Trails which are visual virtual city trails with geo-tagged photos and our local Ambassadors’ tips and tricks for traveling with a baby in one of our many destination cities.

traveling with toddlers ebook


So many of the questions that come up in Club Bébé Voyage revolve around how families can realistically plan a day in a foreign city. Our trails do just that — they give you one day in a city created by a local parent spelling out everything you need to know.

With this awesome new feature you can:

  • Gain local knowledge about places and activities
  • Start or stop a trail anytime you like
  • Easily find locations as they are all mapped out
  • Know what to bring with you on each trail
  • Recognize places thanks to the photos
Club Bebe Voyage member Christine Bantting's baby at Odaiba, TokyoOedo Onsen Monogatari is a family-friendly hot springs spa resort complex!


Hidden Gem articles are written by Club Bébé Voyage members and only accessible to community members. They share information about locations and/or activities which only someone with deep local knowledge would know about. These are the little secrets which make discovering a new place all the more special. Bring back your sense of awe while exploring these places with your child.

mom and baby at alhambra palace
Club Bebe Voyage Lydia Cranton and her baby at Alhambra Palace in Granada, Andalusi, Spain


The “Day in the Life” series is a way to get insights into what a typical day is like for a local family. They are a great way to get a feeling for a city and understand more about local culture and customs. These blog posts also serve as inspiration to see how other globetrotting families are raising their children to be citizens of the world.


Traveling mom and contributor Jules Stephan and her baby

In addition to our trails, guides, and content series, we are always looking for guest posts from parents around the world. Whether you are a family blogger or a parent eager to share your recent travel with baby experience in a destination, we would love to hear from you!

Accommodation Reviews

We are particularly keen to share information about family-friendly accommodation which would be of value to the Bébé Voyage community. In some cases the hotels offer a special rate to the reviewers, but we do not let that influence the opinions we express. (This is standard practice for travel journalists and guide book writers.) If we have received a discount, it is clearly indicated in the review.

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  • Hotel Reviews

  • Airport Maps

  • Kid-friendly Restaurants

  • Local PhraseBook

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