Best Baby Carriers

Expert Advice on Finding the Best Baby Carrier

Every traveling family needs a baby carrier. The top baby carriers are incredibly portable, take up very little packing space, keep parents hands-free, and keep babies and toddlers safe. Baby carriers offer the perfect alternative when adventurous terrain or activities won’t work with strollers, or simply when a baby prefers to be snuggled close to their parent. Whether you are traveling with a baby, traveling with a toddler, or both, we can help you pick out the best carrier, wrap, or sling before your next trip!

Let the experts help you find the perfect baby carrier for your baby or toddler to keep you hands-free on your next trip.

Picking Out the Perfect Baby Carrier for Traveling

Bébé Voyage members are always asking for advice on how to pick the perfect baby carrier when strollers are not an option. We’ve done the research for you! We asked our community of over 18,000 globetrotting parents to help you prepare for your next trip, and a few stand out as clear favorites.

Some families never even travel with a pram or stroller. When flying, babywearing can be a great option for getting bébé to sleep peacefully on the plane. In busy cities, babywearing keeps your child(ren) held safely up against mom or dad. In more rugged terrain, babywearing allows parents to be active and adventurous outdoors. And of course, some infants and babies are simply happiest when snuggled right up to mom or dad in their favorite carrier, making it easy for the parent to move around while keeping their baby close and comfortable.

Sometimes, kids don’t take well to traditional soft-sided carriers. Or parents find carriers to be uncomfortable. Luckily, a handful of non-traditional options are worth checking out, like hip carriers and piggyback riders. We have a round-up of non-traditional baby carrying alternatives.

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