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The Best Travel Toys for Endless Entertainment

Regardless of whether you are flying with a baby for the first time, taking a road trip with a toddler, or taking your first long family vacation, travel toys are an essential item to pack in your carry-on and hand luggage to keep your little ones entertained along the way. Half of the adventure of traveling with your kids is the time spent journeying to reach your destination. You’ll thank yourself later when you have a bevy of travel toys packed to keep the kids happy!

Find the best travel toys for your next trip


We have rounded up the best travel toys for babies and children of all ages with various interests. Find the perfect infant toys for airplane travel, toys for toddlers to keep them busy for longer periods of time, and many more travel toys to add to your travel packing list.

Bébé Voyage members are always asking for advice on how to keep the little ones happily entertained and the best ways to keep kids occupied for longer stretches while on the go. We’ve done the research for you! We asked our community of over 10,000 traveling parents to help you prepare for your next trip.

Short-haul or long-haul flight, it’s good to be prepared to entertain your baby or toddler whenever they get antsy. We have an extensive list of the best travel toys for children of all ages. Travel toys also come in handy when you’re stuck in the back of a taxi cab or on the train whilst getting around at your destination. If you have downtime in the hotel or rental apartment, your child will be happy you’ve packed a few toys to keep them busy as well.

Toddlers love coloring with water pens, giant sticker books, making scenes on airplane windows with window sticker clings, playing toys on travel tray tables, and snacking to stay busy. We even have a partnership with a company that provides you with ready-to-go travel toy kits personalized for your child’s age and interests.

We know that every family and every child is unique, so what works for one situation might not be best adapted for another. We celebrate the diversity of and share with you the experience of various voices within our community. Club Bébé Voyage members have diverse cultural backgrounds and literally live all over the world. Someone who lives halfway around the world from you might offer more fruitful insight than your neighbor. Bébé Voyage is here to federate the tribe of globetrotting parents. We can help you be prepared for your next family vacation.

Whether it’s advice on travel strollers, flying with a baby, medical questions or other family travel questions, Bébé Voyage always brings forward the collective wisdom of the community. This also holds true for our baby travel gear recommendations and our travel guides. We hope that you’ll be able to find someone from the community whose situation matches yours pretty closely and that their experience and travel tips will be useful to you!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try using the search bar at the top of the page with key terms. You can always post your question in Club Bébé Voyage. And you are also welcome to contact Team Bébé Voyage directly.

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