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Bébé Voyage teams up with Dr. Steve Silvestro, pediatrician, dad and host of the Child Repair Guide podcast to bring you top information on travel health and medical advice. Few things are more anxiety producing than when your child gets sick when you are away from home. But if you are well prepared, some of the stress can be alleviated. That’s why we have gathered information from trusted health professionals as well as the experience of the larger Bébé Voyage community. Dr. Steve also reviews the health and medical advice in each of our travel guides so that you can better understand how health systems abroad work and what are the international equivalents of local medicines.

Keep your baby healthy while traveling

One of the most frequent questions that come up in Club Bébé Voyage from parents who fly with a baby is how to handle getting sick abroad, or just what to do to stay healthy.  Indeed there is always a risk of getting sick when you and your family change environments and are subject to the various stressors of travel. But there are plenty of parents who have successfully traveled and dealt with travel health and medical issues abroad. Find out how!

Learn How to Manage Travel Health and Medical Issues on the Road

Can a Sick Child Fly on an Airplane?

Dr. Steve Silvestro is a board certified pediatrician who is also a father of two. As a father he knows first hand of the many complexities traveling with children can bring and as a pediatrician [...]

Traveling With Childhood Asthma

When my son was two years old he was diagnosed with asthma. The diagnosis threw me for a number of reasons: firstly, no-one in our immediate family suffered from asthma and so I had no experience [...]

For more great kids’ health and parenting tips from Dr. Steve, listen to The Child Repair Guide Podcast

Even more about Travel Health & Medical Advice from the experts

Whether you want to make sure that you’re healthy before and during your travels or if your toddler has asthma or food allergies, Bébé Voyage has you covered. Not only do we bring to you expert pediatric recommendations from Dr. Steve Silvestro, but we also share with you the experience of other globetrotting families. Find out how our members deal with their children’s food allergies while traveling, what they recommend for dealing with childhood asthma and how they prevent getting sick abroad.

childhood Food allergy illustration

Don’t let health concerns be an impediment to traveling with a baby. Some trusted information and the support of Club Bébé Voyage, can help you see that it really is possible to travel with toddlers. Bébé Voyage members have taken intercontinental flights with babies that require oxygen tanks, traveled throughout sub-Saharan Africa and other tropical regions and successfully navigated foreign hospitals and health providers.  

Be sure to pick up our travel guides which have a specific section dedicated to travel health and medical issues in that city. They cover how to find a pediatrician, what the best hospitals are for children and/or foreigners, what over the counter medications are locally available and what their international equivalents are.

While certainly no one wants to get sick while traveling, if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best then you will most likely be fine no matter the situation. Of course, the best medicine is prevention, so always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t throw out all your good habits when you are away from home. The basics of good food, good sleep and good hygiene apply when traveling too!

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