Travel and Sleep Gear For Kids

Travel and Sleep Gear For Kids

by Orley Granot

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This post contains affiliate links.

The Bébé Voyage Community is always buzzing about the best way to help your kids sleep. In fact sleeping is one of the biggest concerns when looking to travel with babies and toddlers. In addition to compiling a list of resources for dealing with jet lag and kids Bébé Voyage wanted to bring you some new travel and sleep gear that may just help you get the sleep you need on the go.

Travel and sleep gear suggestions for kids

  1. DocATot/Sleepy Head of Sweden | The DocATot (U.S.) /Sleepy Head of Sweden (E.U.) is light and portable making it easy to travel with. It even has its own travel bag. We love how versatile it is. It’s the perfect place to set baby or let her play wherever you are and it makes any bed or crib feel like home. If you purchase through the webpage you get a $10 coupon or order through Amazon.
  2. Whisbear | This adorable knuffle makes sounds from the womb, but more impressively, it turns on as soon as it hears your baby cry. We love that it is compact and can be used wherever we may be traveling to make baby’s sleep environment the same home and away.
  3. Kids Sleep Globetrotter | The Kids Sleep Globetrotter clock by Claessens’ Kids is perfect for helping older kids stay in bed while traveling. The simple design is easy to travel with. Even younger kids can understand the sleeping and awake sheep. It has an alarm for making sure you wake up, but we prefer to use it without.
  4. Waterproof Crib Sheet | The Luv Bug waterproof crib sheet eliminates the need for a protective mattress cover. The front side is ultra soft and organic so you know baby is sleeping in comfort. It’s easy to use on your travel crib or bring along to use on a borrowed cot.
  5. The Voyage Pillow | This travel pillow/eye mask is lightweight and easy to travel with. It can be used in so many ways that it makes our list. Older kids can use it (my 3 year old loves it) and I’ve also placed it on my arm for when I’m holding a sleeping baby so he can have a bit of cushioning. It can also be used as an eye mask.

If you’re looking for help getting kids to sleep on the plane check out our list of flying beds for kids.

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