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The most frequently asked questions in Club Bébé Voyage revolve around keeping babies and toddlers entertained while traveling. We are here to make your traveling experience easier by providing tips, tricks and products for a relaxing journey all in one place.

Entertainment Tips & Tricks from Club Bébé Voyage

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KeepEmQuiet Travel Kits 

Keep Em Quiet puts together travel packs for your kids. Everything you need from healthy snacks to books and puzzles are included. The travel packs are targeted at specific age groups and for specific interests so you can pick a pack that is perfect for your little ones. The best part about Keen Em Quiet travel packs is that you can reuse your packs for future trips. You can bring your packs out just for trips so your littles feel that it’s a special treat. Club Bébé Voyage loves these travel packs because they include items specifically selected to engage and entertain your kids.

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21 Helpful Family Travel Hacks 

Bébé Voyage partnered with booking outlet, lastminute.com, to handpick the best travel hacks for traveling families. Lastminuite.com is the best in the business at helping travelers find great deals on every aspect of a trip. So when they were looking to help family travelers they turned to Bébé Voyage to lay out 21 Helpful Family Travel Hacks to make your trip smoother from the start.


The Ultimate List of Travel Toys 

We’ve scoured advice from Club Bébé Voyage members to create the ultimate list of  travel toys for entertaining toddlers and babies on an airplane! The list is completely technology free! Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. From dollar store finds to the perfect new toy, we’ve done the research and are passing it on to you. This is a one stop shop for picking out everything you need to keep your little ones entertained.

Advice from Club Bébé Voyage

Apps, naps and snacks baby!


I have an old spice jar (one with holes to pour spice through) and my little one is entertained by putting toothpicks through the holes. It’s small, easy to make and preoccupies my little one for about 20 minutes at a time.

– Brooke 

Also, snacks! All the snacks!

– Sarah

Meeting Your Kids’ Demands

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