Who Says Trekking Through Nepal With Little Ones Is Hard?

Who Says Trekking Through Nepal With Little Ones Is Hard?

by Guest Post

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by Nicola Weir, a member of Club Bébé Voyage

Finn in basketSometimes life with kids is hard and travelling with them seems like more effort than it is worth. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you realise that if you have a bit of help, then travelling with them can be pretty fun!

We shipped our stuff and our two kids (if only they could have travelled in the boxes!), ages 2 and 4, from Mozambique to Nepal in September.Esme and Finn

Exchanging beach for mountains, we decided to embrace the new adventure and embark on our first kid-accompanied trek. The last time my husband and I trekked in the Annapurna region, we carried our own bags, had not a single item that required a charger (maybe a few AA batteries for our camera) and the word ‘snack’ didn’t really enter into our vocabulary (because we couldn’t afford them).

This time it was different. Equipped with three fantastic sherpas (one for each child and one to carry the snack bag) we set off on our four-day adventure. And you know what, with a bit of help, it was fun. The kids loved the baskets, the sherpas loved carrying squirmy little bundles of joy and the snack guy loved it every time we took weight from his load.

Finn and EsmeMy husband and I had moments of bliss, walking and talking like the ‘old days’, balanced with heart-warming proudness as we helped our four-year old conquer his first mountain. Baskets are officially the new way to travel with kids!

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